Licensed In Multiple States

With our partnership with AES, we are a Licensed Energy Broker in all deregulated states and Canada.  This means we can handle your multiple location energy needs. 

Customer Service

  • We pay attention to the markets and your growing business.  If there is a significant change in the market or your business we work to insure you are receiving the best price at any time during your contract or renewal.

Data Analysis

Scan all your bills, analyze usage, pricing and identify:  Zero usage accounts, slammed accounts, misclassified accounts, tax exemption, bill consolidation and overbilled accounts.  We then work with your local utility to fix these issues.

Every state and every utility are different.  One energy supplier that is competitive for one property may not be for a property that is five miles down the road in a different utility.   Whether you are able to access all your account numbers with the click of a mouse or you need our team to spend three days scanning bills in a file room, we will make it happen.  Your job is to manage your business; our job is to manage your energy, save you money, and make you look good without a large time investment from you or your employees.

No Risk, no cost to you,

just save money.

No hidden fees, no buyer premiums, no consulting charges.  Same utility you currently have, just a new energy provider, and more money in your pocket.


ALternative Energy

Sterner Energy in partnership with SREnergy a turnkey developer with experience in solar ownership structures, financing, development, construction-installation, registration, and monitoring of solar generation and related SRECs.  Sterner will create your solar master plan, conduct a feasibility study that identifies the best options, and provide service excellence which fits your needs from design through management.

Professional Energy Management

We Do The Work So You

DOn't have to.

We have already vetted the suppliers.  We have reviewed their contracts and know what's in them.  This means no surprises for you.